RSI-Divergence Goggles

Explore RSI-Divergence Goggle for advanced trading analysis. Innovative, interactive tool for detailed divergence insights on price and RSI While the concept of divergence plays a crucial role in technical analysis, existing indicators in the community library have faced limitations, particularly in simultaneously displaying divergence lines on both price and oscillator graphs. This challenge stems from the fact that RSI and other oscillators are typically plotted in a separate pane from the price chart. Traditional Pine Script® indicators are confined to a single…

ABC Pattern on Recursive Zigzag 

There are several implementations of ABC pattern in tradingview and pine script. However, we have made this indicator to provide users additional quantifiable information along with flexibility to experiment and develop their own strategy based on the patterns. Link to the Indicator: ABC Pattern on Recursive Zigzag The ABC pattern, also known as the Corrective Wave or Zigzag Pattern, is a fundamental concept in Elliott Wave Theory, which is widely used in technical analysis to identify and predict price movements in financial…

Auto Harmonic Projection Ultimate - Settings guide

Auto Harmonic Projections is one of premium indicators that can help users identify potential patterns on the chart before they are formed. Link to the indicator: Auto Harmonic Projection - Ultimate Lets have a quick look at what is Auto Harmonic Projection indicator and how it is different from Auto Harmonic Pattern UltimateX (Our most popular Harmonic Pattern Indicator) When Auto Harmonic Projection Indicator is loaded on the chart, users will see following components. Lets get to the details of the indicator…

Historical Pattern Matcher

Are you a firm believer in the predictability of historical patterns guiding market trends? If so, this indicator is tailor-made for you.

Discounted Price Probability Indicator

This article delves into the probability of discounted stock prices by leveraging historical price and fundamental correlations. The script utilizes advanced features of Pine, such as matrices, and the new functionalities of tables, including cell merge and tooltips, to achieve this analysis.