Auto Harmonic Projection Ultimate - Settings guide

Auto Harmonic Projections is one of premium indicators that can help users identify potential patterns on the chart before they are formed. Link to the indicator: Auto Harmonic Projection - Ultimate Lets have a quick look at what is Auto Harmonic Projection indicator and how it is different from Auto Harmonic Pattern UltimateX (Our most popular Harmonic Pattern Indicator) When Auto Harmonic Projection Indicator is loaded on the chart, users will see following components. Lets get to the details of the indicator…

Auto Harmonic Pattern Screener - Settings Guide

Discover the power of customization with our Auto Harmonic Pattern Screener settings guide. Fine-tune your screener dashboard, tailor tooltips and alerts, and unlock the full potential of our advanced Harmonic pattern screener. 

Auto Chart Pattern - Settings Guide

Auto Chart Pattern is one of our most popular premium technical indicators. The indicator is designed to automatically spot breakout chart patterns on the chart and help users devise trading strategies on the basis.

Customising Alerts via Placeholders and Input Settings

This is a detailed tutorial on using a fully customisable alerts feature in Trendoscope's premium Harmonic Patterns and Chart Patterns indicators. Alerts are tradingview features that can be used to send notifications based on certain conditions. Alerts are very useful to keep track of market conditions and can also be used for integrating with other applications such as brokers/exchanges or social media channels such as Telegram, Discord, Twitter etc. More details about alerts can be found in tradingview help documents In all our…

Auto Harmonic Pattern UltimateX - Settings Guide

Auto Harmonic Patterns UltimateX is one of the complex indicators we have built. It comes with plenty of customisation options via input parameters. Lets dive deep into it and learn more about it Link to the Indicator: Auto Harmonic Pattern UltimateX Auto Harmonic Pattern UltimateX is created to supersede the existing indicator Auto Harmonic Pattern Ultimate. The script deviates a lot from the original Auto Harmonic Pattern Ultimate script in terms of the number of available patterns, trading type and a few other…