ABC Pattern on Recursive Zigzag 

There are several implementations of ABC pattern in tradingview and pine script. However, we have made this indicator to provide users additional quantifiable information along with flexibility to experiment and develop their own strategy based on the patterns. Link to the Indicator: ABC Pattern on Recursive Zigzag The ABC pattern, also known as the Corrective Wave or Zigzag Pattern, is a fundamental concept in Elliott Wave Theory, which is widely used in technical analysis to identify and predict price movements in financial…

Historical Pattern Matcher

Are you a firm believer in the predictability of historical patterns guiding market trends? If so, this indicator is tailor-made for you.

Discounted Price Probability Indicator

This article delves into the probability of discounted stock prices by leveraging historical price and fundamental correlations. The script utilizes advanced features of Pine, such as matrices, and the new functionalities of tables, including cell merge and tooltips, to achieve this analysis.

Volume Forks Indicator

The Volume Forks Indicator is a comprehensive research tool that combines two innovative techniques, Recursive Auto-Pitchfork and Angled Volume Profile. This indicator provides traders with valuable insights into price dynamics by integrating accurate pitchfork drawing and volume analysis over angled levels. Link to the Indicator: Volume Forks Indicator The indicator does the following things A pitchfork is drawn when the price forms an ABC pattern. Pitchfork draws a series of parallel lines in the direction of trend which can be used for…

Consolidation Range Tracker

Consolidation Range Tracker is an innovative indicator designed for identifying and tracking price consolidation zones following impulsive moves. 

Motive Wave Finder

Motive Wave Finder is an innovative technical indicator that automatically scans the markets for possible motive waves (Impulse Waves and Diagonal Waves) and draws them on the charts with the complete sub-wave breakdown.

Interactive Motive Wave Indicator

Here is an interactive tool that can be used for learning a bit about Elliott Waves. This is an interactive technical indicator that allows users to draw waves on the chart and helps scan through the rules of Motive Wave principles

Master Supertrend

Master Supertrend or iSupertrend is a comprehensive supertrend indicator with several variations for identifying the stops and trend reversal points.

Relative Bandwidth Filter

A simple indicator that can help traders define their trading zone based on the volatility identified by the Bandwidth of Band Based Technical Indicators such as Bollinger Band, Keltner Channel or Donchian Channel

Band-Based Trend Filter

This technical indicator defines a trend based on popular band indicators. Instead of a reversal mindset, the indicator looks to identify breakouts as the trend

Trade Session Filter

Session Filter is a simple trading indicator that enables traders to define their preferred trading sessions and optimise their approach based on individual preferences.

Angled Volume Profile

Volume profile is a useful tool to understand the demand and supply zones on the horizontal level. But, what if you want to measure the volume levels over the trend line? In trending markets, the feature to measure volume over angled levels can be very useful for traders who use these measures. Here is an attempt to provide such a tool.

Interactive Volume Profile

Here is a simple volume profile indicator built using Pinescript's security_lower_tf feature. The indicator makes use of intrabar price action to define better accuracy in defining volume profile ranges.

Recursive Reversal Chart Patterns

An advanced technical indicator that scans for reversal chart patterns - Double Tap, Triple Tap, Cup and Handle, Head and Shoulder patterns

Innovative Zigzag Indicators

Here are some of the innovative technical indicators built on the Zigzag indicator combined with classical technical analysis and modern concepts. Link to the indicator: Zigzag Cloud Indicator This is Bollinger Band built on top of Zigzags instead of regular price + something more. The indicator presents 7 lines and clouds around it. This can be used to visualize how low or high the price is with respect to its past movement. Link to the indicator: Zigzag Candles Can't deny that we…

Zigzag Volume Bars

Volume is an important factor in technical analysis. This innovative indicator provides cumulative volume for each zigzag swing. This can help understand how much conviction is there in each swing. You can find the relative strength by comparing it to previous swing volumes. Link to the Indicator: Zigzag Volume Bars Here is an indicator that can help you visualise volume data on Zigzag swing highs and lows. Settings are pretty simple and provide a variety of display options. Bar Style can be Stack…