Flag and Pennant Chart Patterns

After exploring Algorithmic Identification and Classification of Chart Patterns and developing Auto Chart Patterns Indicator, we now delve into extensions of these patterns, focusing on Flag and Pennant Chart Patterns. These patterns evolve from basic trend line pair-based structures, often influenced by preceding market impulses. Link to the indicator: Flag and Pennant Chart Patterns Before identifying the flag and pennant patterns, we first need to identify the existence of following base trend line pair based converging or parallel patterns. The key to…

Auto Chart Patterns

Our Auto Chart Patterns indicator stands as the epitome of advanced chart pattern recognition technology. Building upon our recent publication on algorithmic identification and classification of chart patterns, this tool embodies our innovative approach, automating the intricate process of pattern recognition for traders. Link to the Indicator: Auto Chart Patterns The bulk of the logic is implemented as part of the library - chartpatterns. The indicator is a shell that captures the user inputs and makes use of the library to deliver the…

Multi-Timeframe Recursive Zigzag

Embark on a journey through the most comprehensive and feature-rich Zigzag implementation you’ll ever encounter. Our Multi-Timeframe Recursive Zigzag Indicator is not just another tool; it's a groundbreaking advancement in technical analysis. Link to the Indicator: Multi-Timeframe Recursive Zigzag Our Zigzag Indicator is designed with an understanding of its inherent nature - the last unconfirmed pivot that consistently repaints. This characteristic, while by design, directs its usage more towards pattern recognition rather than direct identification of market tops and bottoms. Here's how…

Zigzag Anchored Tails

The Zigzag Tails Indicator, a groundbreaking tool from Trendoscope, redefines technical analysis by seamlessly integrating anchored VWAPs (Volume Weighted Average Prices) and Average Price calculations with Zigzag pivot points. This advanced indicator recalculates Average Price or VWAP from one Zigzag pivot to the next, offering unparalleled insights into market movements. Link to the Indicator: Zigzag Tails Each Zigzag pivot can feature up to three distinct tails, corresponding to the high, low, and close prices of each candle. Users have the flexibility to…

Custom Divergence Indicator

Our latest Divergence Indicator revolutionizes the way traders identify market trends and potential reversals. Built upon the robust foundation of the Zigzag Trend Divergence Detector and inline with our recent implementation of the Divergence Goggles indicator, this tool is designed to be intuitive yet powerful, making it an essential addition to any trader's toolkit. Link to the indicator: Divergence Indicator We received several queries on extending the Divergence Goggles to last N bars instead of using an interactive widget. Though it is possible, we thought the…

RSI-Divergence Goggles

Explore RSI-Divergence Goggle for advanced trading analysis. Innovative, interactive tool for detailed divergence insights on price and RSI Link to the indicator: RSI Divergence Goggles While the concept of divergence plays a crucial role in technical analysis, existing indicators in the community library have faced limitations, particularly in simultaneously displaying divergence lines on both price and oscillator graphs. This challenge stems from the fact that RSI and other oscillators are typically plotted in a separate pane from the price chart. Traditional Pine…

ABC Pattern on Recursive Zigzag 

There are several implementations of ABC pattern in tradingview and pine script. However, we have made this indicator to provide users additional quantifiable information along with flexibility to experiment and develop their own strategy based on the patterns. Link to the Indicator: ABC Pattern on Recursive Zigzag The ABC pattern, also known as the Corrective Wave or Zigzag Pattern, is a fundamental concept in Elliott Wave Theory, which is widely used in technical analysis to identify and predict price movements in financial…

Historical Pattern Matcher

Are you a firm believer in the predictability of historical patterns guiding market trends? If so, this indicator is tailor-made for you.

Discounted Price Probability Indicator

This article delves into the probability of discounted stock prices by leveraging historical price and fundamental correlations. The script utilizes advanced features of Pine, such as matrices, and the new functionalities of tables, including cell merge and tooltips, to achieve this analysis.

Volume Forks Indicator

The Volume Forks Indicator is a comprehensive research tool that combines two innovative techniques, Recursive Auto-Pitchfork and Angled Volume Profile. This indicator provides traders with valuable insights into price dynamics by integrating accurate pitchfork drawing and volume analysis over angled levels. Link to the Indicator: Volume Forks Indicator The indicator does the following things A pitchfork is drawn when the price forms an ABC pattern. Pitchfork draws a series of parallel lines in the direction of trend which can be used for…

Consolidation Range Tracker

Consolidation Range Tracker is an innovative indicator designed for identifying and tracking price consolidation zones following impulsive moves. 

Motive Wave Finder

Motive Wave Finder is an innovative technical indicator that automatically scans the markets for possible motive waves (Impulse Waves and Diagonal Waves) and draws them on the charts with the complete sub-wave breakdown.

Interactive Motive Wave Indicator

Here is an interactive tool that can be used for learning a bit about Elliott Waves. This is an interactive technical indicator that allows users to draw waves on the chart and helps scan through the rules of Motive Wave principles

Master Supertrend

Master Supertrend or iSupertrend is a comprehensive supertrend indicator with several variations for identifying the stops and trend reversal points.

Relative Bandwidth Filter

A simple indicator that can help traders define their trading zone based on the volatility identified by the Bandwidth of Band Based Technical Indicators such as Bollinger Band, Keltner Channel or Donchian Channel

Band-Based Trend Filter

This technical indicator defines a trend based on popular band indicators. Instead of a reversal mindset, the indicator looks to identify breakouts as the trend