ABC Pattern on Recursive Zigzag 

There are several implementations of ABC pattern in tradingview and pine script. However, we have made this indicator to provide users additional quantifiable information along with flexibility to experiment and develop their own strategy based on the patterns. Link to the Indicator: ABC Pattern on Recursive Zigzag The ABC pattern, also known as the Corrective Wave or Zigzag Pattern, is a fundamental concept in Elliott Wave Theory, which is widely used in technical analysis to identify and predict price movements in financial…

Consolidation Range Tracker

Consolidation Range Tracker is an innovative indicator designed for identifying and tracking price consolidation zones following impulsive moves. 

Motive Wave Finder

Motive Wave Finder is an innovative technical indicator that automatically scans the markets for possible motive waves (Impulse Waves and Diagonal Waves) and draws them on the charts with the complete sub-wave breakdown.

Interactive Motive Wave Indicator

Here is an interactive tool that can be used for learning a bit about Elliott Waves. This is an interactive technical indicator that allows users to draw waves on the chart and helps scan through the rules of Motive Wave principles