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Free Harmonic Pattern and Chart Pattern Indicators
Freemium Range

We understand that not everyone will be able to pay for premium indicators. Hence, we have made a few free ones!! Enjoy free Harmonic Patterns and Chart Patterns versions with our range of free indicators.

Harmonic Patterns

The following algorithms can be considered as FREE counterparts for Harmonic Patterns-related concepts.

Auto Harmonic Patterns - Extreme

Auto Harmonic Patterns Extreme indicator is the most advanced free tool available for identifying harmonic patterns in the market. Developed by our team of expert traders and programmers, this indicator uses sophisticated algorithms to scan the market and identify key patterns such as the Butterfly, Gartley, Crab, and Bat patterns.

Interactive Harmonic Patterns

A very good tool for those who are learning Harmonic Patterns. Makes use of Tradingview's interactive input feature which lets the user select the pivots manually and the indicator will highlight if there are any harmonic patterns in the price action. Makes use of the same libraries as our premium Harmonic Pattern indicators.

Interactive Harmonic Pattern Projections

Similar to Manual Harmonic Patterns but instead of notifying patterns on XABCD pivots, this indicator requests users to select the first 4 pivots XABC and then projects the 5th pivot areas for possible harmonic patterns.

Harmonic Pattern Based Trend Follower

One of the innovative concepts that combine trend following and reversals. This indicator tries to define trends based on harmonic pattern price action.

Harmonic Pattern Based Supertrend

When we talk about Trend Following, we cannot ignore supertrend. Supertrend is one of the most popular trend-following technical indicators. Generally, supertrend is derived by ATR-based stops. In this adventure, we try to derive supertrend based on harmonic patterns reversal levels.

Chart Patterns

The following algorithms can be considered as FREE alternatives for Chart Patterns related concepts.

Auto Chart Patterns - Free Version

Our Auto Chart Patterns indicator stands as the epitome of advanced chart pattern recognition technology. Building upon our recent publication on algorithmic identification and classification of chart patterns, this tool embodies our innovative approach, automating the intricate process of pattern recognition for traders.

Flag and Pennant Chart Patterns

Built on the basis of Auto Chart Patterns Free Version. This indicator extends chart patterns by focusing on the presence of preceding market impulses.

Wedge and Flag Finder

Most sophisticated Chart Pattern Indicator you will ever find in the open source library of Tradingview. This indicator uses an advanced multi-zigzag algorithm to spot 5 or 6 pivot chart patterns. This is an earlier version of the Chart Patterns (Deep Search) Indicator

Trendline Pairs - Deep Search

This algorithm tries to capture chart pattern by drawing trend line pairs for lower and higher pivots. The algorithm is so powerful that it can capture many well-known pattern such as converging and diverging triangles, rising and falling wedges, flags, trend and range channels etc. 

Auto Trendlines (Free Version)

Automatically draw trend lines based on historical price action. Gives head-start for users for drawing trend lines. Useful tool for both experienced and new traders who use trend lines as their trading tool.

ABC Pattern on Recursive Zigzag

There are several implementations of ABC pattern in tradingview and pine script. However, we have made this indicator to provide users additional quantifiable information along with flexibility to experiment and develop their own strategy based on the patterns.

Advanced Wolfe Wave Indicator

The Wolfe wave indicator is a very popular chart pattern used in options trading. The indicator spots the Wolfe formations and also suggests the rules of the Wolfe wave trading system. 

Consolidation Range Tracker

Consolidation Range Tracker is an innovative indicator designed for identifying and tracking price consolidation zones following impulsive moves. Can also be used for tracking Wyckoff Distribution patterns.

Recursive Reversal Chart Patterns

An advanced technical indicator that scans for reversal chart patterns

  • Double Top Pattern and Double Bottom Pattern
  • Triple Top Pattern and Triple Bottom Pattern
  • Head and Shoulder Pattern and Inverse Head and Shoulder Pattern
  • Cup and Handle and Inverse Cup and Handle Patterns

Recursive Auto Pitchfork Indicator

The indicator automatically draws pitchfork formations on a recursive zigzag. This algorithm is developed using the latest features of Pinescript of using methods and types. The script has the option to select different categories of pitchforks to be drawn. Popular types include Andrew's pitchfork, Schiff and Modified Schiff pitchforks. These can be further drawn as either regular or inside pitchforks.

You can also find a range of other free indicators - either via our tradingview profile or through using our knowledge base