DIY Auto Trading Bot

Learn to build a cost-free auto trading bot with step-by-step guidance. Automate your trading strategies without any expenses. Here is a detailed step-by-step tutorial on how to do it.

Components of Auto Trading Bot

Basic things required for creating an auto trading bot are as follows.

  1. A source where signals are generated
  2. Exchange/Broker where orders are placed
  3. Integration component which bridges the both

Lets stude each of them in detail.

Source of Signal

While we focus on TradingView alerts as a source, the tutorial emphasizes the importance of well-formatted signals that can be easily customized for integration with other systems of your choice. In short, you can use any other system other than tradingview for generating the signals. But, they should be capable of sending the signals in well formatted structure.

There are many ways to create alert from tradingview. However, you would need an account. If you do not have tradingview account, create a free account before proceeding with rest of the tutorial. Below are some of the methods to create alert signals in tradingview.

Using Strategy Scripts

In this example, we will make use of an existing